This became clear today after the General Assembly of Bulgarian Industrial Capital Association (BICA), which discussed and adopted the objectives of its activity for the current year. A major priority in the 2019 activity is to overcome human resource shortages, bring education into line with business needs and position vocational education as a prestigious and desirable choice for young people. The other important tasks for BICA include improving the business climate and reforming the energy sector.

“The number one issue for businesses is the human resource problem. It has shifted issues such as corruption and poor regulation. Therefore, as in the past year, as in the case of the BICA, dealing with skills shortages is a top priority. In 2018 we managed to make several important steps to overcome it. Here I will note the changes in the labor migration laws and the establishment of a methodology for the Ministry of Education, which is the basis of planning the much needed personnel for the business, “said the Chairman of BICA Vasil Velev.


According to the Association, in the coming years there is a serious shortage of qualified personnel for machine building and metalworking, electrical engineering and electronics, information technologies, transport, energy, tourism and agriculture. Facilitating labor immigration, increasing the role of business in identifying the content studied, the opportunities for dual learning and the awarding of scholarships to students and students from relevant specialties were part of the proposals to tackle the problem.

To improve business climate, the employers’ organization will continue to work to accelerate e-Government, curb state intervention in the economy, improve regulatory work, and reduce administrative burdens on business. BICA also considers that Bulgaria should take all measures to join ERM II, Schengen and the OECD.

At the General Assembly, the 10-point CEMEMET for Competitive Industry in Europe was also presented. “40% of the world’s social spending is made by the EU, although only 7% of the world’s population lives in the EU, producing around 22% of the world’s GDP. To implement such an ambitious social policy, industrial production in Europe must be supported and encouraged, “he said. The plan focuses on the need for a common European trade and economic policy, improving implementation and simplifying European legislation, providing the necessary human resources, It will be presented by BICA to the candidates for the European Parliament.

The General Assembly made partial changes to the Managing Authorities of Bulgarian Industrial Capital Association. Mr. Stefan Tchaikov, Chairman of the Branch Chamber of Roads, was elected for a new member of the Board of Directors of BICA. For the new members of the National Council of BICA, Mr. Ivan Mihailov – President of Automotive Cluster Bulgaria, Mr. Ognyan Trayanov – Chairman of BAIT and Mr. Kiril Zhelyazkov – President of BBAEII were elected.