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Dr. Milena Angelova, member of the Employers’ Group, will be one of the two vice-presidents of the European Economic and Social Committee (EESC) for a two-and-a-half year term from 2018 to 2020. She will be responsible for budget matters. She will fill one of the senior positions in the EESC along with the newly elected president Luca Jahier from Italy, former president of the Various Interests’ Group, and vice-president Isabel Caño Aguilar from Spain, member of the Workers’ Group, who will be the vice-president for communication matters. The new president and vice-presidents were elected on 18 April as part of the Committee’s mid-term renewal session marking the half-way stage in its five-year term of office.

EESC- Photo session Ms Angelova

After her election, the vice-president in charge of budget, Milena Angelova, said: The European Economic and Social Committee has a unique and key role to play being in a position to present the balanced view of the social partners and organised civil society on how to work together more effectively in order to achieve a more united and more federal Europe, which is able to make the best use of the opportunities presented by the Fourth Industrial Revolution, artificial intelligence and digitalisation, and to cope with the challenges of growing fear, xenophobia and migration. We should aim for a more focused and more effective Europe, and to “doing less more efficiently’. In this regard, I believe the motto of the current Bulgarian Presidency of the Council of the European Union – United we stand strong – is directly relevant and should be fully endorsed.”

As the Committee embarks on the second half of its five-year term, it will as always be working hard to  strengthen  the voice of civil society and bring Europe closer to its citizens.


  • The EESC is made up of 350 members from its 28 Member States. Nominated by their national governments, they are appointed by the Council of the European Union for a period of five years. They then work independently in the interests of all EU citizens. These members are not politicians but employers, trade unionists and representatives of various activities, such as farmer, consumer and environmental organisations, the social economy, SMEs, the liberal professions and associations representing persons with disabilities, the voluntary sector, gender equality, youth, academia, etc.

AOBE Notifies Sofia Municipality of Forthcoming Protests on 28 February


As we listen to the wondrous voices around us, regarding how “the increase in electricity prices for business will not affect in any way the prices of goods and services”, NSI has just reported consumer price growth for December 2017.

Food prices grew by 3.6% on an annual basis. Growth in producer prices on the domestic market is even higher – 5.1% for industry.

And this is just the beginning, as the effect of rising electricity rates for businesses is still far from being fully consumed. At the same time, there is no change in the actions of official authorities towards normalizing the situation of the so-called “free electricity market”.

Therefore, the nationally representative employers’ organizations BICA, BIA, BCCI and KRIB, united in the AOBE, whose members account for 86% of the gross value added in the country and employ 82% of the employees in the Republic of Bulgaria, and the “Protection” National Trade Union, have presented to Sofia Municipality a notification concerning the organized protest procession, which will be held on February 28, 2018, from 10:30 to 12:30, on the route “Nezavisimost” (Largo) Square – Ministry of Energy.

New Edition of the Booklet Showcasing Best Projects Awarded at the BAPRA Bright Awards 2017 Competition


In today’s world, communications are changing, our perceptions of public engagement are reversing, and the challenges to the PR industry are getting bigger. With a sense of well accomplished work, our colleagues from the Bulgarian Association of PR Agencies (BAPRA), which is a member of BICA, share the new edition of their bi-lingual booklet of best projects awarded at the BAPRA Bright Awards 2017.

Bulgarian Industrial Capital Association is a traditional partner in the event and in the distribution of its editions.

The winning campaigns in each category are presented in relation to the recognition they got in the contest. Also, all participating projects are revealed by categories. They are listed alphabetically, according to the names of the agencies that submitted them.

The rich content of the booklet includes detailed information about the international jury, as well as each of the categories: “Debut of the Year”, “Innovative Campaign”, “Digital Campaign”, “Special Events”, “Related Cause”, “Employer Branding”, “Internal Communication Campaign”, “Internal PR Campaign”, “Corporate PR”, “Public Relations Campaign”, “Communication Campaign of the Year” and “Agency of the Year”. Sponsors, partners and members of the Bulgarian Association of PR Agencies (BAPRA) are also presented.

“The responsibility to us as communicators is growing, the importance of high morality and ethics in the profession is becoming increasingly important. Today, each of us is the media and the mission of PR professionals requires the messages we broadcast to be not just influential but also true, real and correct”, wrote Katya Dimitrova, President of BAPRA from 2016 to 2018 in the preface to the publication.

For more information, see the full bi-lingual issue in electronic format HERE.

BICA Representatives Meet With the Confederation of Tunisian Citizen Enterprises (CONECT)


Business meeting was held today between representatives of the Bulgarian Industrial Capital Association (BICA) and the Confederation of Tunisian Citizen Enterprises (CONECT).

Executive Director Dobrin Ivanov and Director of Industrial Policies Theodore Dechev took part in the meeting on behalf of the Association, and the Tunisian employers’ organization was represented by Vice-Presidents Fued Geddish and Aden Buassida.

The meeting parties discussed future cooperation in exchanging information between the two employers’ organizations. CONECT has interests in machine building, road construction, photovoltaic power plants and, above all, the supply of metal structures.

The Confederation of Tunisian Citizen Enterprises has strong contacts on official level with all other African organizations, that might act as a gateway to the African market, which has recently evolved with very fast rates. On European level, the Tunisian employers’ organization cooperates with Germany and France.

It is expected that a memorandum will be signed between the two employers’ organizations during the forthcoming bilateral business forum in the spring of 2018, organized with the assistance of Honorary Consul of Jordan in Bulgaria, Hasan Barmauy.

CONECT is one of the main Tunisian employers’ organizations uniting small, medium and large public and private enterprises, working in different areas. It has regional offices in almost all 24 regions of the country.

2018 State Budget of the Republic of Bulgaria: BICA’s Position


In a letter to the mass media, the Bulgarian Industrial Capital Association expressed its position on the State Budget Project of the Republic of Bulgaria for the year of 2018.

BICA’s position focuses mainly on the projected budget parameters for 2018, and the policies of the Bulgarian government envisaged. It is consistent with the business recommendations that have already been made with regards to the 2018 Budget aiming to improve the Bulgarian business environment.

According to the Association, Bulgarian economy might grow at a rate of between 3.8 and 4.2% in 2018.

The projected GDP growth could be achieved and exceeded if the government directs systematic efforts to address the core business problems.

BICA approves and supports the tendency of maintaining a low share of funds reallocated from the state budget.

BICA believes that the state should strive for a complete balancing of public finances, and even in the context of a rising economic cycle and accelerated economic growth, employers would support a state budget with a planned surplus that would be directed at reducing government debt.

Employers strongly oppose the administrative increase of the minimum insurance thresholds for 2018 by 3.9%, recommending a more gradual increase in the minimum insurance income for farmers and tobacco growers.

According to BICA, the increase оf minimal insurance income, determined by the Minister of Labor and Social Policy, is without logical economic argumentation and with proven and assessed negative impact on the labor market, employment, unemployment will undoubtedly lead to an increase of the “gray economy” in the labor relations, as well to a decrease in the net income of thousands employed in a number of economic activities.

BICA notes that the roll-out of e-services and the creation of a functional e-government are dramatically late and that the scope of e-services is in fact extremely limited, despite the amount of money earmarked for the purpose.

The Association insists on formulating and financing policies for the introduction of e-Justice, e-health, digitalisation of the cadastre, etc.

According to BICA, the deployment of e-services and the establishment of a functional e-government will undoubtedly reduce the administrative burden on business and citizens, will reduce corruption and the staff in the state administration. Goals that each government puts in the preparation of the state budget for the next year and which have not been achieved for 27 years.