Start оf the nominations for “Business to the Rules” awards competition


Bulgarian Industrial Capital Association (BICA) has announced the start of the nominations for the annual Economy of Light Awards for 2018, which will be presented at an upcoming ceremony on July 1, 2019 at 6:00 pm at Sofia Hotel Balkan.

The aim of the annual and widely acclaimed competition is to highlight stimulating examples of success in the fight against the informal economy and to distinguish leading institutions and individuals with an active position and contribution to curbing the informal economy. The awards are part of BICA’s overall work to increase public intolerance of the informal economy, encourage active action in this direction, and promote the constructive role of business in society to improve the socio-economic environment.

The Light Economy Award for 2018 will be awarded in three categories:

  • For a regulation or administrative practice that results in limiting the informal economy and improving the business environment.
    Awarded to a state / municipal administration or its representatives for proposing / introducing a regulatory act or administrative practice that leads to an effective restriction of the gray sector and improvement of the business environment.
  • For a person or organization that has contributed to limiting and preventing the informal economy through an active position.
    Awarded to a person, NGO, scientific organization, company that has extensive research on the topic, permanent and active media appearances, or has generated proposals for changes in legal acts and / or administrative practices, etc.
  • For a journalist or media contributing to changing public attitudes towards intolerance to the informal economy.
    It is awarded to a journalist or media for contributing to the current and multilateral coverage of problems and achievements related to activities to curb and prevent the informal economy, to promoting and promoting bright businesses and to building public intolerance of the informal sector.

According to the adopted regulation, nominations are made by BICA members, social partners, members of the Public Council on Light Economy and the media. For more information, see the attached letter and download the nomination form HERE.

The nomination deadline is May 17, 2019.