Bulgarian Industrial Capital Association (BICA) and  Health Prevention Center gather over 100 international and Bulgarian health prevention experts on June 13 and 14 in Plovdiv. Specialists from Germany, Austria, Macedonia and Bulgaria will participate in a conference and seminar on “Health prevention – European policies and practices”. The forum will be held under the auspices of Deputy Prime Minister for Economic and Demographic Policy Mariana Nikolova.

For the first time on June 13, our country will host an international conference on prevention of occupational safety and health, which will bring together representatives of the Ministry of Labor and Social Policy, the Ministry of Health, higher education institutions, employers and trade unions, non-governmental organizations, enterprises.

The event will address and discuss the challenges to the field of health prevention both in our country and in Europe, the introduction of European practices to improve the health and productivity of society. The selected topics of the conference are particularly important and relevant, given the forthcoming health care reform, in which health prevention, according to the National Health Strategy 2020, should be prioritized by the state and business.

The media are invited to attend the conference on June 13 (Thursday), which will start at 10:00 (with registration at 9:30) and will be held in the Imperial Hall of the Imperial Hotel in Plovdiv. You will find a conference program in the app.

Following the international conference, on June 14th, at a special seminar, Bulgarian specialists in this field will have the opportunity to learn about the German and Austrian experience in the prevention of occupational safety and health, as well as the tools for maintaining and strengthening employees.

For the seminar, it is extremely important to note that a presentation by the General Labor Inspectorate under the Disabled Persons Act will be presented.

Apart from her leadership, clarifications will be given on the implementation of the Internal Rules for Verification under the Disabled Persons Act, the criteria for exemption from mandatory quotas of 2% for hiring persons with permanent disability (50% or more), as well as the possibilities for use of alternative employment.

The Internal Rules are expected to be approved by the date of the seminar.

As the response time from employers is limited, this will be of the utmost importance for all Human Resources and OSH Departments of enterprises with more than 50 staff.

Preferential price for the seminar for the members of the Association of Industrial Capital in Bulgaria, the Association for Occupational Medicine and the National Association for Health and Safety at Work – 110 BGN.