BICA and Labour Medicine Experts Seek Changes in a Health Insurance System Model


Legislative changes in the model of the health insurance system in Bulgaria and more investments for health prevention and safety at work. The participants in a conference on “Prevention of Health – European Policies and Practices” came together. The event, held under the auspices and with the participation of Deputy Prime Minister Mariana Nikolova, is organized by Bulgarian Industrial Capital Association (BICA) and Health Prevention Center.

Dr. Hassan Ademov, Chairman of Committee on Labor, Social and Demographic Policy, Executive Director of EA General Inspectorate of Labor Eng. Rumyana Mihailova, Deputy Regional Governor of Plovdibabour 13v Evelina Apostolova, representatives of Ministry of Health participated in the international forum. Ministry of Labor and Social Policy, Bulgarian Medical Association and over 100 international and Bulgarian experts on health prevention.

“Bulgarian enterprises face a number of problems and challenges, such as a growing deficit and an increasing average age of the workforce. Against this background, there is an increase in the proportion of workers with permanently reduced working capacity and an increase in overall morbidity, with an average of one worker absent 8 days a year. Today’s employer is aware that health prevention and prevention is also his responsibility. However, for more prevention, there needs to be legislative changes and more resources to be targeted for prevention so that expensive and often unsuccessful curative activity is avoided, as is currently the case, “said BICA’s Chairman Vasil Velev.

The chairman of the Labor, Social and Demographic Policy Committee, Dr. Hasan Ademov, the Executive Director of IA “General Labor Inspectorate” Eng. Rumyana Mihailova, as well as experts from the Ministry of Labor and Social Affairs also advocated for more prevention and prevention of health. policy and representatives of trade unions and employers’ organizations. The main goals for improving health prevention were the early detection of diseases, the traceability and the dynamic monitoring of the overall process and the control of risk factors in a company.

Strengthening links between public health and health at work were identified as major priorities. According to experts, the introduction of preventive methods and standards for early diagnosis by age, gender and risk factors of the most common conditions associated with working conditions are among the key measures that need to be taken.

The event touched upon and discussed the challenges of health prevention in our country as well as in Europe, the introduction of European practices for improving the health and productivity of society. Preventive models and standards for early diagnosis were presented in detail in Germany and Northern Macedonia.

Tomorrow at a special seminar the Bulgarian specialists will have an opportunity to get acquainted in detail with the German experience in health prevention, as well as with the tools they use to improve the health of employees and workers.