Bulgarian Industrial Capital Association (BICA) presented the Eighth National Awards “Business to the Rules”. The awards were presented at an official ceremony in Sofia Hotel Balkan, and guests of the event were the caretaker Deputy Prime Minister for Economic and Social Policies and caretaker Minister of Labor and Social Policy Galab Donev, the caretaker Minister of Tourism Stella Baltova, the caretaker Minister of Regional Development and Public Works Violeta Komi , the Chairman of the NSI Sergey Tsvetarski, the Executive Director of BSMEPA Boyko Takov, the Chairman of ESC Zornitsa Rusinova and many other representatives of business, non-governmental organizations and social partners.

The Bulgarian National Association of Essential Oils, Perfumery and Cosmetics took the prize in the category “For normative act or administrative practice, which lead to reduction of the gray economy and improvement of the business environment”. The Law on the Oil-bearing Rose, initiated by the association, introduces administrative practice in connection with the control and suspension of the export and import of fake rose oil. Also nominated in the category were the Executive Forest Agency, the Ministry of Education and Science and the Ministry of Finance.

The winner in the category “For a person or organization that has contributed to the restriction and prevention of the informal economy through an active position” was the Association “Movement for National Cause”. The award was given for the development and launch of the Bulgaria Wants You platform, which aims to attract Bulgarian citizens from abroad to return to the country and join the local labor market. The platform unites the efforts of business and local authorities by guaranteeing real and secure jobs and contributing to the reduction and prevention of undeclared work. Diplomas in the category were also awarded to the Association for Qualification of Motorists in Bulgaria, the Bulgarian Association of Restaurants and the Friedrich Naumann Foundation.

Bulgarian National Radio, Horizon and Nedelya 150 are this year’s winners in the category “Journalist or Media Contributing to Changing Public Attitudes Toward Intolerance of the Informal Economy.” They beat the competition of the investigative journalist of bTV Maria Tsancarova, the show “Traces remain” on BNT 1 and the electronic newspaper “Economic Life”, which were awarded diplomas.

The nominations for the awards were made through a broad public consultation among the members of the Association of Industrial Capital in Bulgaria, all social partners, members of the Public Council for Restriction and Prevention of the Informal Economy, which includes representatives of a number of state institutions and the media. The winners were announced by secret ballot by a large expert jury composed of over 100 prominent personalities: prominent economists, public figures, media representatives, members of the National and Control Council of BICA, the Public Council for Restriction and Prevention of the Informal Economy and the undeclared employment, etc.

The competition aims to highlight and award leading institutions and individuals with an active position and contribution to the reduction of gray practices. Thus, for another year, BICA encourages active action in the fight against the informal economy and promotes the constructive role of business in society to improve the socio-economic environment.