On 5th of December 2021 BICA marks the 25th anniversary of the establishment of Bulgarian Industrial Capital Association (BICA), the most representative organization of employers at the national level, uniting 3/4 of economic activities and over 10,000 companies in the country. This is a joyful and inspiring occasion for BICA to make sense of its current path, to assess its contemporary identity and to prepare for future successes and challenges.

As part of this process, the Association would like to seek a new, even more expressive vision of its hitherto used (and already well known to the general public) logo, which corresponds to its evolving nature, essence and mission.

BICA announces a competition for redesign of its current logo or creation of a completely new one.

TOPIC: Redesign of the BICA logo.

VISION: The projects are expected to correspond as adequately as possible with the essence and mission of BICA, as well as their content to be expressed in modern, accurate, legible and aesthetically sound forms.


  • Preferred colors: black, white, blue, gray, yellow;
  • Proposals must be submitted in PDF format;
  • The submitted projects should be presented in one black and white and in one color version;
  • To be developed in variants of Bulgarian (Cyrillic) and English (Latin) language.


  • Adequate artistic and aesthetic interpretation of the topic;
  • Originality of the idea and vision;
  • Compliance with the above technical requirements;
  • High quality in technical execution.

A special jury, composed of graphic design experts and members of the Management Board of BICA, will review and evaluate all submitted projects. Thus, among all the projects, a winner will be announced, who will be awarded with the following prizes: redemption, diploma and a cash prize of BGN 1,500.

Up to 3 variants (projects) of a logo are accepted, accompanied by the three names of the author and a contact phone number at:  For additional explanations you can contact us at this e-mail or by phone +359 884 251 809.

Deadline for submission of projects: November 10, 2021.

The results of the competition will be promoted through all communication channels of BICA, as well as in the national media.

The submitted projects will be considered and shared only for the purposes of the competition. The participants in its organization, as well as the members of the jury, are acquainted with the current Law on Copyright and Related Rights in our country, and guarantee its strict observance in the course of the procedure.

For the assignor:

Bulgarian Industrial Capital Association (BICA) was established on December 5, 1996 and is the most dynamically developing representative organization of Bulgarian business at the national level. Its members are over 90 branch chambers, which represent 3/4 of the economic activities in the country, with over 10,000 companies providing employment to nearly 500,000 people. BICA has a network of regional chambers, which cover 2/3 of the municipalities in the country.

The Association has established itself as a spokesperson for the real manufacturing sector, protects the interests of its members before the executive and legislature at national and European level, influences the development of regulations and policies in the economic sector, works systematically to increase the competitiveness of Bulgarian enterprises. creating a favorable business environment and stimulating the Bulgarian economy as a whole.