The General Assembly of SGIEurope held today in Brussels elected a new chairman – Mr. Pascal Bolo (who is Vice President of Nantes Metropole and Chairman of the French section of SGIEurope) and re-elected Dr. Milena Angelova, Secretary General of Bulgarian Industrial Capital Association for Vice President until 2022, together with Mr. Filippo Brandolini (Italy) and Mr. Ingberg Liebing (Germany). Given the important decisions on the Multiannual Financial Framework 2021-2027, the Recovery and Development Plan, the negotiations on social issues, tax legislation, energy in the EU, as well as the ongoing crisis related to the coronavirus pandemic, this is a serious opportunity for BICA to participate in making of policies in Europe.

Two of the members of the National Council of the Bulgarian Industrial Capital Association (BICA) were re-elected to senior positions in the Councils of SGIEurope. These are Eng. Stefan Tchaikov, Chairman of the Bulgarian Branch Chamber “Roads” and Assoc. Prof. Dr. Borislav Velikov from the “Bulgarian Water Association”.


With a mandate until the end of 2022, Stefan Tchaikov is again Deputy Chairman of the Council for Sustainable Development, and Borislav Velikov – Deputy Chairman of the Working Group on Water Resources.

The Council for Sustainable Development was established in 2013 to facilitate and structure work related to cross-border, interdisciplinary and interdepartmental issues that require input from experts with different competences. Its aim is to ensure a smooth lobbying of the European institutions, building on the achievements of the working groups on sustainable development (in the fields of communications, energy, environment, transport and water resources). The main priorities for the forthcoming mandate are climate change and resource efficiency. His initiatives are extremely useful for the EU, as they are the result of in-depth work that takes into account the diversity of stakeholders, points of view and the balance between them.