International cooperation and partnership

 SGI Europe –

As a member of the SGI Europe – an official partner in the social dialogue with the European Commission, Bulgarian Industrial Capital Association maintains regular contacts with the institutions and advisory authorities of the European Union, participates in the preparation and modification of regulations, directives and other legislative acts that define the European business climate. BICA representatives participate actively in the consultations on the European semester, on the Annual growth survey in the EU, on the negotiations in the field of social issues, competitiveness and other important areas. Since 2011 PhD Milena Angelova (Secretary General of BICA) has been the deputy-chairperson of СЕЕР. In 2015 she has been re-elected for a second mandate.

International Organization of Employers (IОЕ)

BICA is a member of the International Organisation of Employers and therefore of the International Labour Organisation. The International Organisation of Employers protects the interests of the business at international forums as it strives to strike the right balance between labour and social policy, and the accelerated economic growth. The membership in the International Organisation of Employers improves BICA’s expertise in the national social dialogue.

European Economic and Social Committee (EESC)

The Association has representatives in the European Economic and Social Committee and that opens a possibility to express opinions on issues related to the economic and social policy of the European Union and to participate in the political life of the Community. BICA representative has been vice-president of the employers’ group in EESC since 2010. The Representatives of Bulgarian Industrial Capital Association participate in the sessions of the European Social Fund and the Ad Hoc group at the European Social Fund in support of the social partners, thus providing better information about the opportunities for utilising funds from the European Social Fund.

International Congress of Industrialists and Entrepreneurs (ICIE)

In 2009 Bulgarian Industrial Capital Association joined the International Congress of Industrialists and Entrepreneurs which has an official statute in the United Nations Industrial Development Organisation (UNIDO), in the Inter-Parliamentary Assembly of the Commonwealth of Independent States (IPA CIS), as well as official relations and long-term cooperation with the International Center of Scientific and Technical Information, the International Union of Commodity Producers thus expanding its international contacts. Via its representative in the presidium of ICIE, Bulgarian Industrial Capital Association participates in the decision-making process at the highest level concerning the protection of industrialists’ and entrepreneurs’ interests, the coordination of their activities towards marketoriented reforms and directly participates in the development of the national economies and adequate legal framework and development of the interaction mechanism between the participants in the market economy. Some of the main directions of the activity of the International Congress of Industrialists and Entrepreneurs are about rendering consulting, legal and scientific assistance to the members, as well as the development and implementation of scientific, industrial, investment programs and projects.

International coordinating council of employers’ unions (ICEEU)

In 2010 BICA became one of the organisation-founders of the International coordinating council of employers’ unions that was joined by employers’ organisations represented at a national level from thirteen states of Eastern and Central Europe. The council is an advisory authority. Its goal is to cooperate in establishing sustainable relations and mutually beneficial cooperation between the nation­al unions of employers and entrepreneurs, in exchanging experience in the field of regulating social labour and the related economic relations, as well as on other issues of mutual interest, in account of the similar economic problems the states in the region are facing. The Association maintains effective contacts with the commercial and economic offices of all embassies of foreign states in Bulgaria, as well as with the Bulgarian embassies in most countries.

Mr. Vasil Velev was rotating president of ICCEU for 2016.