Policy on encouraging and support investment, research and development

Placing of research and development as top priority for Bulgaria by:
◊◊ Encouraging applied research;
◊◊ Support to stimulate R&D and innovation in enterprises;
◊◊ Investments in innovation and development infrastructure.
– Encouraging the investment process through a system of fiscal and structural measures;
– Active participation in the national innovation initiatives, including the National Innovation Council, advisory working groups, etc.;
– Participation in the main scientific organization in Bulgaria – BAS, incl. in the Advisory Councils, and in particular – in individual institutes and laboratories;
– Supporting the implementation oriented research projects in priority areas and promoting the integration of research and production;
– Support for the launch of innovative enterprises through active policies to promote the development of risk investment in the country. For this purpose, shall be used both the financial instruments provided in the new Competitiveness and Innovation Framework Programme, and new national funding schemes for financing public-private venture investment funds and supporting private venture funds;
– Creation of quality scientific infrastructure to successfully absorb the planned massive funds incl. by reviewing the status and functioning of the Fund for Scientific Research;
– The activity of the National Innovation Fund shall be fully subject to the requirements for applicability of the financed developments;
– Assistance to BICA members in the development of projects funded under the Innovations and innovation systems strand.