International Policy

  • Reordering: How to do business in a changing world order. Active work to support BICA members to adapt to the conditions of transition to a new world order accelerated as a result of the military conflict in Ukraine.
  • Work within the framework of membership in the ILO.
  • Work within the framework of participation in organizations in the EU:

-  Active work to prepare opinions of the EESC on issues of priority for BICA;
– Preservation of the positions and more active representation in the bodies of SGI Europe;
-  Active cooperation with SMEUnited through "Made in Bulgaria".

  • Work within the framework of participation in ICSR and ICPR:
– Expanding and strengthening the membership of the ICRC and the ICRC;
- Work for the development of bilateral business contacts between members of BICA and members of the organizations from ICSR and ICPP.
  • Active participation in all phases of Bulgaria's accession to the OECD. Activation of cooperation with BIAC (Business at OECD).

  • Deepening cooperation with UNIDO.
– Sharing good practices in the field of promoting corporate social responsibility;
– Participation of BICA members in national, regional and global UNIDO projects;
- Preparation of opinions when formulating common goals for sustainable development in the interest of BICA members.
Attracting membership, expanding cooperation and actively interacting with bilateral chambers to develop business relations and exchange experience with relevant countries.

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