The “Business to the rules” awards are the first recognition of achievements in the fight against the informal economy in Bulgaria. Every year, the editions of the contest cause a worthy public and media interest. The awards are part of BICA’s overall activity to increase public intolerance to the shadow economy, encourage active action in this direction, and promote the constructive role of business in society to improve the socio-economic environment.

The “Business to the rules” prize is awarded in three categories:

  • For a normative act or administrative practice that leads to a curtailment of the gray economy and improvement of the business environment.
  • For a person or organization that contributed to limit and prevent the informal economy through an active position.
  • For a journalist or media, who have contributed to change public attitudes towards intolerance to the informal economy.

The winners in the categories are selected by an expert jury set up for this purpose, comprising 100 prominent figures from the fields of economics, science, business, finance, politics, media. Among them are members of the National Council of the Bulgarian Industrial Capital Association, members of the Public Council on “Limitation and Prevention of the Informal Economy” and other prominent economists and public figures.

“Business to the rules” 2018

“Business to the rules” 2017

“Business to the rules” 2016

Founded on December 5th, 1996, Bulgarian Industrial Capital Association (BICA) is the most extensively represented organization of Bulgarian employers. It is also the most dynamically developing organization of Bulgarian businesses, which is represented at national level.


Every year on that date, BICA celebrates its anniversary with important public figures, members and partners.

Тhe 23rd anniversary 

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The 21st anniversary

The 20th anniversary