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Founded in 1996, Bulgarian Industrial Capital Association (BICA) is the most extensively represented organization of Bulgarian employers. It is also the most dynamically developing organization of Bulgarian businesses, which is represented at national level.

Members of the Association are over 100 branch chambers, representing more than 75% of the economic activities in this country, and over 10 000 enterprises, that employ almost 500 000 people. BICA has a network of regional chambers in 2/3 of the municipalities in the country.

Bulgarian Industrial Capital Association has earned itself the reputation of a speaker of the actual manufacturing sector. It protects the interests of its members in front of the executive and legislative authorities at national and European level, influences the preparation of the normative base and the policies in the economic sector, makes systematic efforts for improving the competitiveness of Bulgarian enterprises and for creating favourable business environment and for enhancing the Bulgarian economy in general. Throughout the years the Association has implemented consistent policies and has made systematic actions; it has built on the achieved success and has been equally unbiased and independent of all political parties.

Bulgarian Industrial Capital Association is the only organization that incorporates public companies and providers of services of general interests in the country. The Association is permanently committed to the capital markets development and makes constant efforts for the positive perception of issuers’ statute. The Association works in this direction in close collaboration with the investment community and with institutions at national and European level.

BICA is the only Bulgarian nationally representative organization of employers that is member of SGI Europe – European Centre of Employers and Enterprises providing Public services (https://sgieurope.org/)

The development of services of general interest reflects the European model of society, playing an important role in ensuring social, economic and territorial cohesion within the European Union. They are vital for the sustainable development of Europe in terms of higher levels of employment, social integration, economic growth and environmental quality.

With this membership BICA provides its members with the opportunity to participate directly in the process of formation of the European business environment and at the same time benefits from the experience and contributes to the Bulgarian social-economic environment with the best practices of the European economic model.

The influence on policies development is also achieved through BICA’s participation in the European economic and social committee, as well as in the Economic and social council of the Republic of Bulgaria.

In 2021 BICA is in charge for the 5th time for the rotating presidency of the Association of the Organizations of Bulgarian Employers (AOBE), which unites the employers’ organizations represented at national level – a significant responsibility to coordinate all the efforts of employers’ organizations in their dialogue with the government and the trade unions. Bulgarian Industrial Capital Association successfully coordinates the common positions of the Bulgarian business on important issues for improving the social-economic environment, and has established itself as a useful moderator during the negotiations between social partners.

Guided by its work principles, Bulgarian Industrial Capital Association will continue its active efforts to support the implementation of policies for ensuring macroeconomic stability and budget discipline, for improving the business climate and for sustainable economic growth, for supremacy of law and implementation of the contracts for business security and property inviolability.

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