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  • Opportunities for establishing business partnerships with Hungarian and with other European SMEs
Bulgarian Industrial Capital Association (BICA) notifies of confirmed interest on the part of Hungarian companies/branches and companies/companies from other European countries to establish permanent business partnerships with Bulgarian companies and companies that wish to carry out trade and economic exchange and cooperation in areas related to renewable energy sources, furniture production, residential energy-efficient construction, production of steel structures for industrial construction and other economic areas of interest.

In this file you can find more detailed information about the companies themselves, both from Hungary and from the other European countries by sector/industry, as well as their contacts and internet portals.

If you are interested in business cooperation in the relevant economic field with any of the companies listed in the file, please notify BICA secretariat for assistance at the following email addresses: и
BICA team remains at your disposal in case of need and additional questions!

  • Advance Expert Valuers Ltd. prepares appraisals of all types assets 
    - Advance is a leading appraisal company for 15 years on the market with a team of 85 appraisers who provide full national service coverage. They work with all banks, credit consultants and financial institutions, producing over 10,000 appraisals each year. They are part of the RICS community - the largest professional organization in the world. They have 150 individual appraiser qualifications and internationally recognized certificates - RICS, REV.
    The company prepares valuations of all types of assets for each of the following purposes: lending, purchase and sale, accounting needs, certification of financial statements, transactions between related parties, determination of rent or lease installments, valuation of various property rights, determination of insurance values ​​and etc.
    In its portfolio of consulting services, Advance offers a number of complementary professional services: market analyses, investment project evaluations, studies on the applicability of investment intentions and projects /feasibility studies/, technical reports, KCC certifications, building surveys, damage assessments. For individual inquiries and professional solutions, you can seek a personal consultation.

  • Import footage from third parties
    - The number of imported personnel in the country doubles every year. According to BICA and BIA data, in the coming years, the Bulgarian economy must import over 500,000 workers in order to fulfill its commitments and grow. Why employees from abroad? Due to labor shortage in Bulgaria; the ability to launch a large number of frames on a certain date; save 8% on health insurance in the first few months; fixed period of work, due to the specifics of the contract; no advance payment; minimizing losses due to lack of employees in various departments; staff costs are equal or with a minimal difference compared to the Bulgarians.

    For more information and contact details, see a short presentation  by Ilin Dimitrov, chairman of the Association for the selection of personnel from abroad and owner of "Internobmen".

  • Center for health prevention, developed and created on the initiative of BICA
    - The motive for its creation is the lack of systematic care for the health of management and workers in enterprises, as well as the effectiveness of the health system in the field of prevention;
    - The task of the Center is systematic and committed health monitoring - periodic screening examinations and research for early diagnosis of health problems, dynamic systematic monitoring of persons with problems, timely adequate treatment if necessary, incl. abroad.
    You will find more information about the Center for Health Prevention in the presentation by Dobrin Ivanov, executive director of BICA:

  • BICA signed an arbitration agreement with the Sofia Arbitration Court
    - BICA and the Association "International Association for Justice and Arbitration" concluded a contract under which the members of BICA will be able to use the services of the Sofia Arbitration Court. With the agreement, the parties agreed to mutually exchange information and support each other's activities.
    - The aim is to inform BICA members and promote alternative resolution of commercial disputes. Regular meetings will be organized with the participation of the members of the Association, at which the advantages of alternative dispute resolution, including before international arbitrations, will be presented.

  • Arbitrators Training
    Regarding the Arbitration Agreement concluded between the BICA and the Association "International Association for Justice and Arbitration" (IAPA), we hereby bring to your attention an invitation and a registration form for the upcoming training of arbitrators in the period 29.01.2019 - 03.05.2019.
    Each of those who have successfully completed the course will receive a certificate that enables participation in the procedure for entry into the list of arbitrators at the Sofia Court of Arbitration at the "International Association for Justice and Arbitration" and the International Court of Justice in Paris at the International Chamber of Arbitration.
    The requirements for the participants are that they have 8 /eight/ years of legal experience, moral and ethical qualities, and that they have not been convicted of crimes of a general nature.
    As a member of BICA and regarding the Arbitration Agreement dated 05.10.2018, each of the branch organizations that are members of BICA will have the opportunity to designate one representative to be enrolled for the course. Participation will be free.
    /If more participants wish to be registered, they pay a fee of BGN 680 per person./
    Applications for participation will be accepted until 21.01.2019 incl. to the e-mail address of the Sofia Arbitration Court at the "International Association for Justice and Arbitration".

  • Smart Factories: The new joint project of PwC and Oxford University Innovation Oxentia

    The Smart Factories project has been launched, which aims to develop digital innovation hubs in the new EU member states. Its implementation was assigned to the consultant PwC and the Oxford University for Innovation Oxentia, by the European Commission. The program has a budget of 1.8 million euros and will last 18 months. The application deadline is October 22, and the selected organizations will have the opportunity to participate in a number of workshops and trainings that will develop them as effective and sustainable Digital Innovation Hubs (DIHs).
    You will find more information about the project HERE, or if you download it as a file in English.

  • Home Appliances Europe 2015-2016 Report
  • „NEW THEATRE“ – NPC, the best choice for your events.

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