Macroeconomic Policy

  • Accelerated course towards the introduction of the Euro in Bulgaria, with a large-scale explanatory campaign and preservation of the current mechanism of the currency board - both in terms of exchange rate level and as time limits, softening of conditions, etc. The admission of Bulgaria to the OECD should be a national priority.

  • Financial stability and predictability through adherence to reasonable financial discipline and implementation of the State Budget Law:
- BICA supports measures for financial discipline, a balanced budget and tax stability at low levels of tax rates - these are the main factors for overall financial stability, for attracting investments and for ensuring conditions for economic growth. The predictability and stability of the tax policy in the country are extremely important for building and maintaining public trust and security;
- BICA invariably remains in the position that maintaining the share of funds redistributed from the state budget below 40% is the most important incentive for increasing the efficiency of the state administration and has a major anti-corruption effect and emphasizes the importance of creating an environment that promotes accelerated economic development . BICA insists, that the budget deficit should have an anti-crisis, supporting policies and reforms important to our country, but not a pro-cyclical role and should be subordinated to the goal of quick entry into the Eurozone;
– BICA will support the preservation of proportional direct taxes of 10%, as well as preservation of the amounts of insurance contributions for social insurance funds and preservation of the amount of health insurance contributions;
– Equal dialogue in the tax process with the possibility of arbitration and agreement;
– Termination of the vicious practice of collecting VAT from regular traders under "joint and joint liability" instead of the delinquent traders who owe it;
-Transparency and efficiency in the use of financial resources through equal representation of the State and the Social Partners in the management and control bodies of the relevant public funds.

  • Effective control over public expenditure, as well as over companies with a monopoly position in the market resulting from state regulation:
– BICA consistently defends the thesis, that only effective public control over public spending is able to stop well-established corrupt practices, which cumulatively lead to significant seizure and unfair redistribution of income;
- BICA supports efforts to strengthen and develop the application of program budgeting. The well-structured program budgets of the ministries and departments are a guarantee of the effectiveness of budget expenditures;
- As an organization with members - the leading public companies in Bulgaria, as well as a member of the European social partner representing employers providing services of general interest - SGI Europe, AIKB has always categorically insisted that companies with a monopoly position be obliged to disclose information in accordance with of the Public Housing Authority and welcomes the adopted legal changes that ensure this. It takes the position, that the principles of the National Code of Corporate Governance should be mandatory for these companies - this leads to publicity, traceability of pricing, transparency in the costs of these companies, and civil society has easy access to information to which it justifiably shows sensitivity . This measure also has a long-term stabilizing effect on the entire pricing chain of the services and products, that these companies provide.

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