Vocational Training Center

Vocational Training Center

BICA has a Vocational Training Center, which is licensed by the National Agency for Vocational Education and Training (NAVET) for 35 professions and 52 specialties. The center's efforts are aimed at increasing the qualification and retraining of workers in AIKB member enterprises, as well as providing an opportunity for all those who wish to acquire a new qualification or improve their professional skills.
The vocational training center at BICA implements the schemes "Adaptability", "I can", "Qualification services and training for employed persons" and "Development" under the Program "Development of Human resources".
The Bulgarian Industrial Capital Association uses the material base, technical and administrative capacity of its partners - members of the Association, to carry out vocational training in theory and practice according to the State educational requirements for each individual profession.
The BICA Vocational Center has bases for providing vocational training in Sofia, Varna, Ruse, Gabrovo, Stara Zagora, Burgas, Veliko Tarnovo in professions from professional spheres, such as:
  • Business management and administration;
  • Informatics;
  • Technology;
  • Production and processing;
  • Architecture and construction;
  • Personal services;
  • Arts;
Beneficiaries of the Center could be:

- Employers wishing to train employed staff or to train unemployed persons who can complete a 3-month internship with them, subsidized by Programme "Human Resources Development";
- Employed persons who have switched to reduced working hours and wish to improve their professional skills in accordance with the needs of the employer;
- Employed persons wishing to train outside working hours;
- Unemployed persons who wish to improve their qualifications in order to successfully find a job.

The trainings for the acquisition of key competencies offered by the Vocational Training Center are aimed at:
  1. communication in native language;
  2. communication in foreign languages;
  3. mathematical competence and basic competences in natural sciences and the technologies;
  4. digital competence (ICT);
  5. study skills;
  6. public and civic competences;
  7. initiative and entrepreneurship;
Those who have successfully completed the courses at the Center receive documents in accordance with the acquired degree - Certificate of professional qualification, License for professional qualification,  Certificate of Legal capacity for practicing gained occupation or Certificate.

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